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The Weaving Well is centered on providing a sacred place where you are able to grieve and mourn death and the variety of losses we encounter in order to live fully with each remaining day. My hope is that by offering professional spiritual care and guidance in daily living, caregiving, aging, elder care, dying and/or bereavement you will have the support and comfort you long for. I also offer Caregiver and Bereavement support groups and education and workshops on advance directives, health care proxy's, palliative care, Elder care, end of life plans, hospice and what to expect when you or your loved one is dying.

I hope that I can guide you with your spiritual journey so that you may live with comfort, joy, hope and peace. 

Scheduled appointments: 55 minutes each 

Payment: private pay (as you are able)

Individual or couple: $85-$100  

Elder or Veteran:       $65-$80

**Ask about home visits within 30 miles** 


Suzanne can recall the spiritual and emotional pain of her earliest loss, the death of her grandfather, over forty years ago. Since then, she has lived with, not through, many forms of deaths and losses including that of family and friends, pets, relocation, parental and personal divorce, loss of childhood, job loss, relationship loss, perinatal loss, life changing illness, loss of worth and identity. 

Each unique and sacred death was embedded in her soul and has guided her journey. With each death, Suzanne's grief transformed her and created in her a tapestry of sorrow and hope. She believes that when we embrace our losses, rather than deny them, and live with death in mind, we live each of our remaining days to the fullest. 

Suzanne has shifted her own mourning into helping others who are suffer from loss, regardless of its many origins. Her compassion and ability to listen and foster ones sense of comfort and peace even in the most critical times is her gift to anyone who may seek guidance. She will support you in drawing from your past experiences to identify what may give you the strength and the hope that you long to cultivate into daily living.

Suzanne specializes in caring for the caregiver, those with life threatening or chronic illness, elder care management, the dying and bereavement. Her professional experiences, as a Spiritual Care Professional, Thanatologist, Hospital, Hospice and Long Term Care Chaplain expand over ten years beginning with parish ministry while maintaining her private practice, The Weaving Well. 

Suzanne earned her Bachelors of Arts at Marist College and her Masters of Arts in Theology at St. Vladimir's Seminary both in New York. She is a Certified Thanatologist (CT): Death, Dying and Bereavement with the Association for Death Education and Counseling (ADEC) and a member of The Gerontological Society of America and the Association of Professional Chaplains

On Weaving Well...

We are all on our own path,

as too many have told us,

we were born that way.

But we were not born alone,

we are never really alone,

although we may feel alone,


We often find comfort,

with friends and family,

movies and music,

books and pets.


sometimes we just want a hand,

in living our life,

in challenging times,

weaving living and dying,

with life and death.

Mourning each loss,

in the deepest sense,

by encouraging your soul,

to emerge from your well,

with hope and vigor,

to embrace your journey.

...if only for a while.


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