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We offer a sacred place to draw from your inner well to weave your tapestry of living, dying and mourning.

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Out of every darkness there is a dim light waiting to emerge and transform your soul.


Many of us are aware of the pain and suffering of dying, death and bereavement. However, are we able to experience this pain and suffering and remain fully alive or do we merely exist? When we encounter tragic news and loss either our own or someones else's, how do we respond?

How we each respond to loss and devastating news is unique and very personal. Our hope is that ones means for coping will lead one to find meaning and purpose in this new way of life. Often times, one draws on the support of loved ones, rituals, cultural traditions, religion, nature or soul work to seek consolation and comfort. 

However, occasionally, navigating through spiritual and emotional turmoil caused by loss can manifest feelings of despair which make living with loss unbearable. During those times of hopelessness or despair, I invite you to explore the depths of your soul so that your past experiences of loss become your pillars of courage and strength. 

It is when we draw from our inner well for strength and understanding, not merely to exist but to live, that we weave our remaining journey with compassion and humility.

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